Планируется организовать самый большой урок в мире (ENG)

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Plans have been revealed for the world’s largest ever lesson, to take place this autumn.

Supported by TES, the project will see schools around the world take part in the same lesson during one day at the end of September. The lesson will aim to educate students about the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The World’s Largest Lesson, delivered in partnership with Unicef, TES and Education International, forms a key part of the Project Everyone initiative, let by the celebrated writer and film director Richard Curtis.

Calling on the expertise of teachers to develop classroom resources for the lesson, Project Everyone has launched a competition that invites teachers to submit exciting lesson plan ideas about the SDGs to a special area of the TES website.

The winning lesson ideas will be those that are most highly rated by other teachers. Winners will have their lesson plans published as a set of learning resources, which will then enable teachers to craft a relevant lesson on the SDGs for their pupils when they take part in the project.

One winning teacher will be invited, along with their school, to have a filmed lesson event with a visiting celebrity.

“The World’s Largest Lesson will be the biggest collaborative education project the world has ever seen,” Mr Curtis said. “By working in association with TES and Education International, Project Everyone are drawing on the unique creativity that the teaching community have in building understanding of difficult issues amongst children.”

To mark the launch of the project, Mr Curtis will feature in the My Best Teacher column in tomorrow’s TES. In it he remembers the influence of James Morwood, a classics teacher at Harrow school, who ignited his love of writing and the theatre.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say the start of everything I do now was thanks to James,” Mr Curtis explains.

The project will be supported by a short animated film by Sir Ken Robinson, which will explain why the goals exist.

Подробнее о проекте: click here.

Планируется организовать самый большой урок в мире (ENG) Автор AnreeMarsell средний рейтинг 5/5 - 2 рейтинги пользователей

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